Masindowalet’s Introduction

Indonesia had been known to be The Largest Edible Bird’s nest producer in the world 80% market share by 2008. The history of edible bird’s nest farming started in a town called Sedayu Gresik, East Java in 1888. Overhasting in the past has moved farming from natural caves to birdhouses, In Addition, rapid growth of population, swiftletsspread to Sumatera and Kalimantan, especially Central and West Kalimantan to find new homes. Swiftlestfly out of their nets in a certain pattern to find food in the morning, and return in the evening with a similiar flying pattern. They seek natural environmental condition that is suitable for them to nest and find food. with plenty of natural food source and clear air, Central Kalimantan provides the perfect environment for the swiftlets to produce natural and high quality bird’s nests.