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Indonesia had been known to be the largest edible bird’s nest producer in the world with 80% market share by 2008.

The history of edible bird’s nest farming started in a town called Sedayu Gresik, East Java in 1888. Overharvesting in the past has moved farming from natural caves to birdhouses. In addition, due to rapid growth of population, swiftlets spread to Sumatera and Kalimantan, especially Central and West Kalimantan to find new homes. Central Kalimantan provides the perfect environment for the swiftlets to produce natural and high quality bird’s nests.

Health and Pure

Bird’s nest are good for you

For centuries, bird’s nests produced from the saliva of the swiftlets have been known tobe good for the health. A research studying the effects of consuming bird’s nest found that it helps stimulate the process of cell formation. The researches confirmed that consuming them promote better health in the insideandradiant looking skin on the outside. Consumption of bird nest is also recommended to complement other treatments to combat degenerative diseases such as cancer and also for recovering health after illness, or surgery.

Trusted and Safe

Quality Control

We perform stringent controls on the entire process, right from the removal of impurities, grinding, picking, molding, drying and verification of the packaging to even the quality management of the bird’s nest. Once cleaning is done, our quality control teamindividually assesses and assigns grades against each bird’s nest based on its shape, color, density and volume, taste and aroma.

The Best Type

High standard processing

The only processing required is cleaning by our well-trained employees who handle each nest with sanitation and extra care to maintain high standard of hygiene throughout the process. We have strived to maintain high product quality and rigorous scientific testing to be the world’s leading brand of bird’s nest product.


Best Quality

PT Masafante Indo Walet telah mendapatkan berbagai macam penghargaan setiap tahunnya, hal ini menandakan kami berkomitmen dalam hal kepuasan pelanggan.

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